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How to book accommodation only?
It is very easy! Just follow steps below!
How to complete the reservation form?
Step 1. - Define conditions
Step 2 - Check the hotels list
Step 3 - Choose a hotel
Step 4 - Fill in the form
What happens then?
Step 5 - Confirmation of reservation
Step 6 - Collect an accommodation voucher and a bill
Step 7 - Check in at the hotel
Step 8 - In case of changes or claims

Step 4 - Fill in the form

Now you should complete the reservation form. Payment and cancellation conditions are always mentioned under the hotel’s description and under check out final. The type of the payment is fixed according to the agreement with the supplier and it is not possible to change it.

The payment is provided throught your credit card as soon as accommodation is confirmed. If you cancel your reservation in time debited amount will be refunded within 3 working days.

If you are registered you may pay by bank transfer. In case of cancellation or chargeback an additional 20 EUR handling fee will be charged. Chargeback is available within 7 working days.

Part payment may be accepted in case of several months prior to check-in time on the date of arrival and higher amount to be paid.

If you have VISA or MASTER CARD, you may pay on-line throught the payment gate provided by GLOBAL PAYMENTS.

If you have another types of credit cards, please fill in the form below including your credit card details. Please dont worry about security. Your details are saved by SSL system. If you are still worried, please print off check out final webpage, and send it to us by fax. Your credit card will be debited as soon as we confirm your reservation.

When you fill in the reservation form you can choose individual, travel agency, firm or youth organisation. The details you mentioned will be added to the invoice, that will be available on our website. The second reason is newsletter, that will be sent you according to registered cathegory.

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